Yocan Yocan Armor Dual Quartz Coil (Single)

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The Yocan Armor Coils is a replacement coil designed and engineered for wax concentrate consumption. It’s made specifically for use with the Yocan Armor Vaporizer Pen for Concentrates. That said, it’s only befitting for the Yocan Armor Ultimate Portable Vaporizer Pen for Concentrate to be outfitted with Yocan's most iconic coils for wax concentrates. These coils use Yocan’s quartz dual coil (QDC) technology. It’s essentially composed of two quartz rods wrapped high high-grade coils capable of heating and vaporizing your select wax concentrates in seconds. Quartz is known as a fast-acting heating element in the vaping industry because it allows for the immediate transfer of heat when dabbing your favorite wax concentrates. Quartz heating elements helps the Yocan Armor Ultimate Portable Vaporizer Pen for Concentrate to reach higher temperature levels for more potent rips.

The coils are easily connected to the battery of the Yocan Armor Ultimate Portable Vaporizer Pen for Concentrate with 510-threaded connections. 510-threaeded connections allow for better connection between the heating element and the battery. That's because the threads serve as a solid and firm link between the battery and the heating element that won’t get easily knocked off its place. That being said, because of its 510-threaded connection, you can expect the flow of power and electricity from the battery to the atomizer to remain stable and secure. This makes the Yocan Armor Coils the ideal and the only coils you should use with your Yocan Armor Ultimate Portable Vaporizer Pen for Concentrates.

  • Quartz Dual Coil Technology
  • 510-Threaded
  • Fast-Heating
  • Big Clouds

Includes 1 Yocan Armor Quartz Coil.

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