Palo Santo Incense Pyramids

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Enjoy the wonderful physical and metaphysical benefits of premium Peruvian palo santo in the sacred geometric form of a pyramid. These palo santo incense pyramids are handmade from molido (ground wood), burn smooth, and do not require a large surface. Try them outside or at your next event!

Benefits of Burning Palo Santo

  • Smells great!
  • Rich in calming, brain-oxygenating terpenes
  • Clears negative energy, replacing it with positive energy (enhanced by sacred geometry)
  • All-natural insect repellant

Our binding agent is Tara gum, derived from the Tara tree, Caesalpinia spinosa, a shrub tree native to the Cordillera region of Peru and Boliva, S.A.

The tree, which tolerates harsh climates and resists most pests and pathogens, produces its fruit in the form of seed pods from April through December. The seeds are extracted from the pods and the nutritive tissue in the seed plant (endoderm) is milled into a white-yellowish, odorless powder.

The powder is soluble in hot water and produces a viscous, gelatinous substance which binds easily to the Palo Santo molido, allowing the molido to be molded into our pyramids. Tara gum is approved as a food-grade, non-toxic substance which fits THIRD EYE WOOD’s standard for safe and wholesome products.

Size: 4cm x 4cm

Includes: 5 Palo Santo Incense Pyramids.

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