Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Lightship Bubbler (5.7")

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Look up to the stars and take a cosmic journey with the Lightship! This gleaming herb bubbler hand pipe is ready to take off with its sleek futuristic design, and bright bold colors. This beautiful bubbler is hand-blown, and made with the highest quality borosilicate glass. Each bubbler has been approved by the Dogg Father, marked with Snoop's signature.

Made from only the highest quality borosilicate glass, the Lightship is the ultimate combination of portability and water filtration. To use, place a little bit of water in the bubbler, the water filters the smoke and cools it downs significantly for a much smoother hit then using a dry pipe. Make sure to refresh the water regularly, as this will improve the flavor of your hit. All that is left to do is fill up the bowl with your favorite herbs and fire it up.

The holes in the fixed diffuser downstem separate the smoke and break it up into smaller particles, increasing the surface area and enhancing filtration. The clear glass body allows you to see the bubbler filling up with smoke, so you know when you can start inhaling.

The carb hole is placed on the left side of the bowl for more control of your hits. The bottom of the bowl is angled, which enables you to place it on a flat surface without the risk of it tipping over and breaking. The mouthpiece is flattened for a hit that is more dosed, which makes it easier on the lungs and throat.


Length 14.7 cm / 5.7 inches

Height 11 cm / 4.3 inches

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