RISK: Rick and Morty Infinite Possibilities Across Infinite Universes Edition

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Interdimensional war has broken out in the Multiverse!

Play as one of the power hungry Factions out for dominance and control... the Gazorpians, Post-Apocalyptic People, Mythologs, Robotic Exoskeleton Dogs, or the U.S. Government. Wage fierce battles to take over Territories and control key Regions along the Central Finite Curve attempting total conquest!

In the midst of the chaos, Rick and Morty use portal guns t oopen connections between locations, while Earth C-137 Rick pilots his Ship across the galaxies, bringing the Microverse, Miniverse, and Teenyverse that exist within the battery along with it.

Ages 17+. 3-5 Players,


  • 1 Main Game Board
  • 1 Rick's Ship Battery Game Board
  • 5 Leader Tokens
  • 5 Stands (For Leaders)
  • 1 Rick's Ship Token
  • 4 Portal Tokens
  • 10 Neutral Unit Tokens
  • 5 Dice
  • 225 Faction Unit Tokens
  • 42 Territory Cards
  • 20 Objective Cards
  • 16 Reward Cards
  • 1 Instruction Manual
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