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Terp Nation brings you a full line of strain-specific & organic terpenes. Collect your favorite strain to boost the effects and enhance the flavor of your extracts and herbs. These are tiny 1ml bottles of terps, however they are highly concentrated so a couple of drops goes a long way.

  • Sativas - Super Lemon Haze, Strawberry Cough, Sour Diesel, Green Crack, & Tangilope.
  • Hybrids - Gorilla Glue, Fruity Pebbles, Bruce Banner, Skywalker OG, Fire Alien Kush, Agent Orange & Strawberry Banana. 
  • Indicas - Purple Chemdawg, Grape Ape, & Mango.

No THC/CBD, 100% Legal, No Additives

Do not ingest PRIOR to dilution.

Simple to use:

For Oils: Apply 1-2 drops per gram to your favorite concentrates or oils to enhance the flavor and effect, and slightly modify consistency.

For Herbs: Apply 1-2 drops per gram to ground herbs. Mix, let dry, & enjoy.

For Liquid Pens: Apply a few drops until desired taste to any liquid vape pen. Meant to mix with existing vape juice, not used to replace it.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds that are responsible for the distinctive scents of pine trees, lavender, citrus fruits and all varieties of plants. The terpene profiles of the various cannabis strains are incredibly diverse and influence the flavor, scent and overall character of each strain.  

Are terpenes safe?

They are 100% pure and not intended for use undiluted. In their pure form they are DANGEROUS. This product is meant to be mixed with other variables. Terpenes’ odor are VERY potent and only takes a little to create a big smell/impact.

What quality are your terpenes?

A variety of food grade terpenes are used to match the flavor profiles of each strain. You will not find any PG, VG, or PEG in any of our strain specific terpenes. 

How can terpenes be used?

 Terpenes must be diluted prior to use for flavor and effect (1-5% by total volume - Ex: 2 drops per gram). Terpenes are oil soluble and mix well with plant extracts, coconut oil, and more. 

Are your terpenes derived from cannabis?

No, our terpenes are not derived from cannabis. They are food grade terpenes designed to match the flavor profiles of specific strains of cannabis. Our terpenes contain no THC.

Are terpenes legal to purchase?

Our blends are pure terpenes – due to production methods we strictly ensure that there are no cannabinoids present, so our products are able to be shipped across the nation.

Do not ingest PRIOR to dilution.

Too much terpenes may have an unpleasant flavor, and may lead to undesirable effects.  We do not recommend concentrations above 5% by volume.

  • Do not drink or eat.
  • Do not inhale. 
  • Do not ingest. 
  • Do not contact skin.  

Customer Reviews

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Fruity pebbles yum

These were a little better than other terps I tried. I found these to have a more full flavor. Agent Orange is good too.