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Randy's Puff Nectar Bat - Flavored Nectar Collector Bats

Randy's Puff Nectar Bat - Flavored Nectar Collector Bats

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The Randy's Puff Series has quickly taken over as a customer favorite, so Randy's expanded the line! For all the concentrate lovers out there, we are excited to be carrying the Randy's Puff Nectar Bats.

Pop, Heat, and Enjoy!

This durable and portable device is comprised of a silicone body and glass tip which are seperated by Randy's one-of-a-kind hemp filter. Pop the silicone beads inside the filter to release a burst of flavor, heat the tip, & dip into it into your favorite concentrate to elevate your next session!

Versatility at it's finest:

As Randy's expanded on this new and innovative product line, their team developed the new Puff Nectar Bats so that you could flip the glass tip and pack it with your favorite dry herb, making this device as versatile as possible! Enjoy both concentrates and dry herb with one piece.

Includes 1 Randy's Puff Nectar Bat.