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Cyclone Cones Pre-Rolled Transparent Cones - Pimperschnaps - Shag Alternative Superstore

Cyclone Cones Pre-Rolled Transparent Cones - Pimperschnaps

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These Cyclones pre-rolled cigar wraps are an amazing alternative to tobacco wraps and much easier than rolling your own. Cyclone Cones are made of a natural cotton cellulose, glycerin, and water, these cigar wraps are your perfect transparent cigar cones. Cyclone's Triple-Dip flavor system give this cigar wrap a unique flavor that can only be described as a peach flavored with mint.

Tips are already included in these transparent cigar wraps, so no need to buy your own!

Each pack includes 2 cones.


1 x Cyclone Cones Pre-Rolled Transparent Cone - Pimperschnaps