Cheech Glass: Skull Showerhead Water Pipe (7")

Cheech Glass: Skull Showerhead Rig (7") - Shag Alternative Superstore



Cheech Glass was founded in 2010 in Toronto Canada by an entrepreneur fondly nicknamed ‘Cheech’, who had a passion for glass waterpipes and the industry associated with it. He formed the company with the sole mission to bring high quality glass at prices that are accessible to the modern day consumer, who in recent years has come to appreciate the art in the product as well as it’s functionality.

These pieces are known for their heavy duty, high quality construction and beautiful designs and colors. You can't go wrong with a water pipe from Cheech Glass!

Cheech Glass products are all hand made and therefore will vary slightly in colorings and designs.

  • Showerhead Percolator
  • Thick glass construction
  • Beautiful design and colors
  • Includes 14mm Cheech glass bowl
  • Affordable and heavy-duty
  • Complete height: 7 inches
  • Cheech logos
  • Created in Canada

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