Myster HAMR Cold Start Dab Rig Kit

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The HAMR is a handheld cold start rig for consuming herbal concentrates. This all-in-one setup streamlines a formerly complicated process by centralizing all of the necessary pieces into one unit.

The bundle includes:

  • Silicone Base
  • Slanted Glass Water Pipe
  • Quartz Finger Banger
  • SABR Torch Lighter
  • Stainless steel dabber
  • Bubble cap
  • Convenient zip-up carrying case

Everything you need is conveniently placed together, allowing you to simply flick on the torch, load your concentrates, and take the perfect dab wherever you are. 

Low Temp Dabs: How Does It Work?

A Cold start dab is also known as a low temp dab or a reverse dab. Low temp dabbing is simply dabbing concentrates using lower temperatures to preserve the terpenes while providing a more flavorful hit. Terpenes are the part of the herbal plants responsible for their smell and flavor. Concentrates are created by extracting the terpenes and other chemicals from the plants. ‌ Traditional dab techniques heat dabs to a temperature of about 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, which ends up scorching the terpenes. An ideal low temp dab temperature or “ sweet spot” is about 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only do herbal enthusiasts prefer low temp dabs because of the better flavor profile and preservation of terpenes, but also the practice inflicts less wear and tear on dab accessories.

Why Use a Cold Start Dab?

Low temp dabbing is the most optimal way to smoke your delicious concentrates. Cold start dabbing is gaining popularity among dabbing connoisseurs—for good reasons. Saving dabs, preventing over burn, and enhancing flavor profiles are some of the many reasons you should be reverse dabbing.

Low Temp Dabs 101:

When you reverse dab, you put the concentrate on the nail first. This ensures that you will not overheat your concentrate and is also why it is known as “reverse dabbing”—because the technique is reversed from traditional hot dab. Inhale as soon as the concentrate begins to bubble for a smooth hit.

Cold Dab vs. Hot Dab:

Unlike hot dabs, cold dabs add the concentrate first. This method adds a visual benefit by allowing you to watch the concentrate melt at the minimal temperature. You will be able to see the concentrate begin to bubble and know exactly when to stop applying heat. Cold start dab allows for more precision heating and prevents burning.

Reverse Dabs Saves Money:

Hot dabs are added after the nail has already been heated. Remember those terpenes? When they get scorched from being placed on a nail that’s too hot, they create a burnt flavor. Burning the precious terpenes is a terrible waste of money not to mention cold dabs do not over exceed temperature - saving you dabs and money.

Finding the Best Cold Start Dab:

Cold start dabs with traditional tools can be complicated and even overwhelming for some. The best way to enjoy cold start dabbing is by investing in a cold start dab rig as it can be very difficult to control the dab temperature using traditional dab nails. In most cases, you have to modify the dab nail to prevent scorching. Using something like the all in one Myster Cold Start Dab Rig is the best and easiest way to cold start dab. Since this rig is specifically designed for cold start dabbing, you won’t have to make any modifications and you’ll never burn your concentrate. ‌‌ Cold start dabbing without the proper equipment can make it tricky. It defeats the purpose of dabbing, which is to have a good time and relax. The Myster Cold Start Rig makes it easy to get the perfect smooth hit from your dab rig every time.

How to Low Temp Dab:

Cold start dabbing isn’t an intricate process. There are a few low temp dab methods, and the process has been around for quite some time, despite the recent attention it’s been receiving.
In the past, concentrate users would use a porous stone to slowly heat the concentrate.
This method was known as health stone dabbing. The quartz nail trend made way for the current cold start dab methods. Beginning your low temp dab experience can be done in a few easy steps:

  1. Add the concentrate onto the quartz finger banger first.
  2. Use a torch lighter to slowly heat the banger. This can take a few seconds (try heating the banger evenly around all sides)
  3. Power down the torch when you begin to see bubbles.
  4. Inhale the vapor and enjoy!

Low Temp Dab Temperature: The Benefits

The low temp dabs method allows you to know exactly when to stop adding heat to your nail.You will be able to see the concentrate melt, bubble, and begin to release vapor. This may seem minor but there are amazing benefits to using a cold start dab. ‌ Additional benefits of low temp dabs include: ‌

  • Very flavorful hits
  • Smoother hits with no burning of the throat or chest
  • Less wasted product
  • Less wear and tear on your equipment

Get the HAMR!

Whether you’re a new or experienced concentrate enthusiast, low temp dabs help you get the most out of your concentrates. Cold start dabs preserve the flavor and precious terpenes in your concentrate. Most importantly, low temp dabs won’t scorch your expensive concentrate or burn your throat or chest. Once you’ve achieved the perfect low temp dab temperature, you’ll be able to fully experience all the flavors your concentrate has to offer. Light up and enjoy!

*Due to shipping regulations, please note that the SABR torch arrives without butane fuel.

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