Celestial Spirit Ouija Board with Planchette

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  • Connect to the paranormal and spiritual realm with this artist-designed spirit board
  • Wiccans and Pagans have long used spirit boards as a psychic guide to communicate with those long gone, and now you can too!
  • 14 1/2 in. Wide by 14 1/2 in. Long
  • Made From (MDF) Wood
  • Artwork by Lisa Parker
  • Includes board and planchette
  • Be sure to exercise caution when using this dual-sided board because you never know what paranormal spirits you've awakened

What is a Talking Board?

A spirit board (or a talking board) is a fun way to speak to the spirits. It is a board consisting of the alphabet, the numbers 0 to 9, a "Yes" and "No", and a "Goodbye". Spirit boards also come with a heart shaped piece of wood or plastic, known as a planchette. The planchette is moved by the spirits around the board to spell out words to the participants. 

How does a Talking Board work?

  1. Firstly you must create an ambience to set the mood. Try lighting some candles in a dark room, or burning some incense or smudge sticks.
  2. Gather a few of your friends to play. You can do it by yourself, but two or three people are the perfect amount. Too many peple can make things chaotic and confusing, so ake sure everyone stays calm and respectful.
  3. Pick a medium, this will be the person that you communicate throug hto speak to the spirits. TRhw medium will ask the spiirit the questions that the group would like to ask.
  4. It's time to srtart. Begin by doing a ritual, this could be a prayer, a welcome, or any other activity that would encourage a positive energy,
  5. Be patient. A spirit may not arive straight away, or at all, but once they do, try asking a simple question first.
  6. Once you've asked the qustion, place your finger on the planchette lightly. Make sure not to push the planchette across the board, anyone that does this should not be playing the game.
  7. To close the conversation, always say "Goodbye" and wait for the planchette to move to "Goodbye" on the board (or move it yourself if you do not get a reply).
  8. If the planchette starts to do a "figure 8" type of motion, or starts counting down from Z to A or 9 to 0, then end the seance by moving the planchette to "Goodbye".

Reccomended for adults only.

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